Naruto Shippuden Episode 486 Subbed

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  • sakura

    -fake i subbed this is a scam to get subscribers XD

  • Willem Jansen

    0 seconds left and no episode. “triggered”

    • lissaomar

      same here..

  • j


  • lissaomar


  • Random


    • Sia-kun

      He can use AMATERASU just by activating Mangekyo Sharingan.

    • Random2

      remember when he fought killer bee?

  • TrYAnime

    I can’t watch it WHYYY -O-

  • Brachit555

    Post 2 episodes at a time damn

    • lalaland


  • I’m here because Kissanime is down, was this rude?…..

    • Harambe-san

      Same lololo

    • Ben Harison

      same,this site is shit though.
      loaded with useless advertisements

      • weaaaaboooooo

        literally just get adblock

        • Siddharth Kulkarni

          weaaaaboooooo i like your name ………….

  • ron

    New eyes “Ketsuryugan”!!!

  • A$AP Deidara

    Damn so Nowaki was Fuushin this whole time that blew my mind that the guy who was helping Sasuke look for him was actually there right front of him

  • leon heart

    u think so too?
    i thought i am the only one from kissanime. . . . and yeah this fucking web have too much adds

    • Pep

      Im from kissanime ):

    • Zek

      get hosts file on your comp. keeps all ads from popping up. i work with computers i put it on every computer i fix

  • Anastacia

    As soon as I saw the shadow I new it was him it was pretty obvious but I’m grateful that Sasuke is back in the show. It’s killing me to have to wait an entire week now for a new episode though.

    • Connor Kenway

      yes ,me too
      shadow was so big :p

    • Quagmire

      lol everyone knew it was him as soon as they saw the shadow

  • Connor Kenway

    Life would be better if descendants from Hamura Otsutsuki still exist,I miss them a lot

    • Anatol Gawrzak

      Well, theoretically anyone with a byakugan is a descendant of Hamura…

  • King

    please do not make such episodes that annoyed me at the end 🙂

  • Makasu


  • Quagmire

    damn that rubber dude seemed pretty strong

  • Nairb Gnov

    Sasuke has the fucking rinnegan and sharingan, idk why he doesn’t just end the fight in just a second lol

    • onzir

      yeah, indeed -______-‘

    • a

      He don’t wanna waste his powers on a puny little ass.

  • be/logical

    idk why sasuke treats fuushin like a big deal…he’s(and naruto) basically the strongest shinobi. or was the power given to them by the sage of six path temporary?

    • jokeslayer94

      ikr? Iv been saying that this whole arc. The two of them are basically gods now.

    • Museful Maestro

      Don’t forget the 6 path power was given to Naruto and Sasuke and the symbols in their palms. They destroyed each others arms in their battle after Kaguya arc and therefore lost the 6 path power. Naruto and Sasuke have other ways of accessing this power to a limited degree, Naruto with the tailed beast chakara and Sasuke with his Rinnegan however nothing in comparison to what they had after 6 paths boost.